About us

diecast-shoppen.com - Who's behind and why?

I, Kenneth Petersen, founded and startet the webshop in March 2023.

For as long as I remember I've had an interest in cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc., and I have had many diecast cars growing up.
Most of my old diecast cars (primarily scale 1:64) I still have today however I have passed them on to my two daugthers who also like playing with them.

Some years ago I had a re-discovery of the diecast world and was blown away by the "new" attention to design, quailty and level of details that many of the 1:64 diecast models had.

Living in Denmark it was impossible to find local dealers of many of the brands, and I had to buy my diecast models online from various websites in EU and US.

Then during the summer of 2022 I started having the first thoughts about starting my own diecast webshop.
As time went on it became more and more clear to me that I had to follow my initial thought of starting a diecast webshop.
One thing let to another, and well here we are - almost 9 months later, and my very first webshop is now online...

So a very warm welcome to my webshop - I really do hope that you will find something of interest here.

I have started with a selection of brands that I myself find very interesting, and I plan to expand the selection of brands on the webshop in the future - keep an eye out for the latest news on our Instagram or Facebook accounts. :-)