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Here you will find all of our Hot Wheels mainline products.

250 different models are released every year but that is excluding colour variants of each model! 
The models are released throughout the year - and we will continuously add new products to our catalogue. 

Some of the most popular models sell out very fast!

If you are lucky you might also find a rare ‘Tresure Hunt’ model now and then, or even a very rare ‘Super Treasure Hunt’ model as these are also sold here.

Are you looking for the Hot Wheels models from the Nexflix series “Hot Wheels Let's Race”? - then just type Netflix in the search field.

Key facts about the Hot Wheels Mainline series:

The Hot Wheels Mainline series is the primary and the ongoing line of diecast toy cars produced by Mattel Inc. under the Hot Wheels brand. 

Hot Wheels releases new Mainline series every year with more than 250 different diecast cars.
The release of the new series is split into several releases throughout the year and each series containing numerous car models and new castings. 
The series is usually identified by the year of release, and each car is assigned a unique number within that series.
If you are looking for a specific model, search our webshop using the unique number of the particular car - if we have it in stock you will find it! 

The Mainline series offers a diverse selection of cars, including replicas of real-life vehicles, classic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, fantasy designs, and more. This variety appeals to collectors and kids with different interests and automotive preferences.

The Mainline series is typically organized into different assortments, with each assortment containing several cars following a particular theme or category. 

Within the Mainline series, Hot Wheels often includes special edition cars, such as Super Treasure Hunts, Treasure Hunts, or store exclusives. These limited-run models are more challenging to find, adding an element of excitement and rarity to the collecting experience.
If you are lucky we might even have some of these in our webshop!

Each Hot Wheels Mainline car is stamped with a unique identification number on its base, allowing collectors to identify the model and its year of release. Collectors often seek to complete sets, collect specific themes, or hunt for rare and valuable variations.

The Mainline series cars are widely available many different places and they are generally very affordable, making them accessible to collectors and kids alike.

We are happy to offer perhaps the largest selection of Hot Wheels in Denmark and we are convinced that you will find something of interest here!