Our "Box of Cars" service

What is it?

Our "Box of Cars" service is a "collection & storage service" available to all of our customers.
It allows you to collect multiple orders, have them stored at our warehouse, and have them shipped when you are ready.
It gives you the opportunity to purchase perhaps just one diecast model at a time, which would otherwise be too expensive due to the shipping charges.

What does this service cost?

The "Box of Cars" collection and storage service is a free service we provide here at diecast-shoppen.com
You will not be charged for the storage of your diecast models, nor will you be charged for the storage box itself.

How do I activate the service?

1. Add your favorite diecast model(s) to your shopping basket.
2. Go to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout.
3. In section 2 'Shipping Method' make sure to select the "Box of Cars collection and storage service".
4. Continue with checkout and follow the instructions.

What happens to my purchased items?

Your purchased items will be physically placed in a storage box with your information on it.
The storage box will be provided free of charge by us and it will be stored in our warehouse.

How/when can I have the content of my "Box of Cars" delivered?

The items in your "Box of Cars" are fully paid for and owned by you, thus you decide when you are ready to have it shipped to you.
At any given time you can contact us and ask us to provide a shipping quote to have your items delivered to you.

When the combined value of the items in your "Box of Cars" reaches a certain value then you are able eligible for free shipping*.
*When you are eligible for free shipping depends on your home country - see more information in our Shipping Section here.

We will contact you when you are eligible for free shipping and arrange the shipping to you, or arrange for you to keep adding items to your "Box of Cars" and have it shipped at a later stage - that is entirely up to you.